1 May

This is my story.

You can never say how your life is going to turn out as 98% of the time nothing goes to plan and it can be for better or for worse, but only you yourself can steer do not let others change your direction.

Me personally i am loving my life at the moment i have two beautiful children and a wonderful fiance. Theres just one thing holding me back, which i have to be ohnest i never thought would and thats being very self conscious. I used to be a size 6 before i had my two children and now am a size ten, which is fine but i was left with excess skin on my tummy through it being stretched and that makes me feel bad about myself i certainly dont feel attractive no more. I’ve tried exercising it doesn’t work, dieting neither and i cant afford surgery so i guess its just going to have to become part of me.But i love my children very much and would never change my life. I’m left wondering  if many other moms have suffered this problem, but i’m sure they have..

I’m currently looking for a job also as i have been a stay at home mom, but as times are getting harder everyday i think its time for me to try and get back to work. I have been looking but it seems very hard to get a job now, everywhere i look its years of experience and various qualifications that i don’t have.Never realized how hard it would be to get back into work, i did used to work as a receptionist but that was many years ago now.

Moving on I am currently reading the twilight book breaking dawn i have watched the film but was to impatient to wait for the second half to come out so decided to get the book even though i’m not really a great fan of books. So far so good i didn’t expect the book to be as thick as it was so taking longer than i thought, but for anyone else that is a twilight fan i would advise you getting it. 

Well this was just a little look into my life will write more soon.


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